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7 thoughts on “Contribute Articles & Ideas

  1. Joshua Sturm

    I have lived/worked in Williston, ND for almost 3 years now. Over half of that time has been spent as a line cook trainer/supervisor at Famous Dave’s. Even though the oil prices have dropped and the rig production has slowed business has stayed fairly steady at the restaurant. I feel that such an establishment would do fairly well in Grand Rapids. Before I moved out here I heard from various Grand Rapids citizens that they wanted one as well. The closest Famous Dave’s is in Duluth. If a Famous Dave’s was opened up in town it would provide variety as far as places to eat and, obviously, job opportunities. Personally I’d give up my job here and transfer to Grand Rapids if one was opened. Grand Rapids is my home town and I would love to be back home. I also know how the restaurant functions, it’s recipes and corporate specifications of the food. I feel there are people who could do a good job managing the kitchen if not myself.


  2. Brian Burley

    Question: One of the new school locations is on blandin land by the hospital. I thought blandin just got a court ruling to reduce their carrying value due to the fact the because they accepted and minn conservation payment that they could not sub-divide their land it had to be sold in whole as one piece. Given that how can they sell a parcel to the school. Doesn’t that violate the terms of the conservation easement.?


      1. Brian Carlson

        good point. Get this question to the paper and also the radio station…maybe the voice should start an investigative radio segment of 30 minutes a week.


  3. Brian Carlson

    I attended both meetings at the Itasca County Courthouse concerning the fairgrounds master plan that the city and county and user groups are putting together. One was January 14 the other January 21. I have to say they were both great sessions. Moderated by John Powers, formerly of Grand Rapids, now of Duluth, the meetings were civil and to the point. John noted these sessions were to look at what we would like the fairgrounds park to be like in the future. The understanding is that the county and city DO NOT want the park to be moved or dismantled for townhouses as had been proposed some years ago.

    The group was divided up into several round tables, given an over-view map of the grounds and told to make a list of upgrades, changes, suggestions, and give reasons for our decisions. Many, and I say many, of the tables suggested acquiring additional properties to the NE, NW, W, SW all the way to highway 38 for the future expansion of the grounds. Several buildings were noted for replacement or upgrades, drinking fountains, a mother’s rest for breastfeeding babies, partial removal of the fence (along the SW side), more reforestation, more camping sites with electrical, an enclosed horse arena, enclose grandstand and roof it plus add several bathrooms under it, an amphitheater on the north side of the Mesabi Trail, acquisition of the Powell property for camping, fix or get rid of the rain gardens as they are not working as planned now, on-site fulltime caretaker needed, and numerous other suggestions. Roger Clark with have a list of the ideas in a few weeks at the Itasca County Land Department. If you have additional suggestions feel free to contact him there to have your ideas added to the list.

    Brian Carlson, Grand Rapids


    1. All these suggestions sound great, for updating the fairgrounds property. I for one (as well as many others) are very glad to hear they are not planning on moving it away from there. For one thing, we believe the city will regret it, if they do, since they make a lot of money off of visitors that come to the town to see and attend our fair. As well as it is a great location and people love having it where it is at. There would be many very upset residents and visitors, if it gets moved out of it’s present location. Another issue is the parking on the hills in the back of the grounds. Too many say they still have to walk just as many blocks to get to the grounds after paying to park, then if they parked outside of it and walked in. Plus the grade of the land is so bad in places, they are at terrible angles for parking, leaving their vehicles at a steep grade of an angle, making it very uncomfortable to get in and/or out of their vehicles.


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