City Sales Tax Forum 7PM Nov 1 at the Blandin Foundation

Pokegama Golf Course Park Swimming Beach, paid by tax payers “for the children”. Now the city wants more money.
Parking lot for Pokegama Golf Course Swimming Beach










Grand Regional Voices is presenting a citizens informational forum on the Proposed “City of Grand Rapids Sales Tax” to be decided by the voting residents of Grand Rapids on November 6th.
A presentation by the Grand Regional Voices Organization and a question and answer session about the “Sales Tax” will be held at the Blandin Foundation On November 1st at 7:00 PM. This event is not sanctioned by the City of Grand Rapids.
The public is invited.

GRV Rotary Presentation Debrief

Published on Oct 6, 2016

This video presents Tony Ketola of Grand Rapids Voice as he recounts his experience presenting the Minnesota State Auditors report to the Grand Rapids Rotary Club on 10/3/16. The presentation was sidetracked with questions about a July 2016 Grand Rapid Voice Website Post asking “Why does poverty seem to be the area’s growth industry?”

Question(s) of the Week: Read On

Questions to Ponder for the “Grand Gathering”.

1. Is the process to pick a city or county administrator flawed by vendor input and sponsorships to the League of Minnesota Cities or Association of Minnesota Counties?

2. Should the County and Blandin Foundation stop funding the IEDC? Are they aware of any influence pedaling to other sponsors? Has IEDC improved the economics of the area?

3. Should the County of Itasca put the choice of Elected Executive on the ballot as the form of County government?

4. With the highest unemployment in the state and the lowest average wage has the Blandin Foundation been a detriment to the area?

Grand Rapids Voice Question of the Week:

question markThe Grand Rapids voice will try will to introduce a new question each week for your consideration,  As always, the public’s comments are welcome.  Please keep your comments clean and we will post them.      -GRV-


QUESTION:   Are Non-profits and 501 C3  Economic Development Companies having a negative impact on the economic life in the area?

According taxemptworld .com, there are 467 tax exempt organizations in Itasca County.  Their reported total annual income is over $227 million.  (see link:

Although many of these organizations are small and deserve to be tax exempt, some of these organizations are rather large.  Maybe some of these larger groups should have their non-profit tax exempt status re-examined.   They pay little or no taxes.  The fact that they do not pay taxes means that the citizens and businesses are picking up more of the local tax bill.