Leadership and Fellowship

Three Grand Rapids City Office Candidates Rob Ward for Mayor, Lynda Jo Thompson and Dan Chase for City Council, discuss topics that citizens are asking about the costs of living in Grand Rapid.  Also discussed is the observation that voters tend to vote for their friends and not always for those who have demonstrated true leadership.

GRV Rotary Presentation Debrief

Published on Oct 6, 2016

This video presents Tony Ketola of Grand Rapids Voice as he recounts his experience presenting the Minnesota State Auditors report to the Grand Rapids Rotary Club on 10/3/16. The presentation was sidetracked with questions about a July 2016 Grand Rapid Voice Website Post asking “Why does poverty seem to be the area’s growth industry?”

Question(s) of the Week: Read On

Questions to Ponder for the “Grand Gathering”.

1. Is the process to pick a city or county administrator flawed by vendor input and sponsorships to the League of Minnesota Cities or Association of Minnesota Counties?

2. Should the County and Blandin Foundation stop funding the IEDC? Are they aware of any influence pedaling to other sponsors? Has IEDC improved the economics of the area?

3. Should the County of Itasca put the choice of Elected Executive on the ballot as the form of County government?

4. With the highest unemployment in the state and the lowest average wage has the Blandin Foundation been a detriment to the area?