City Sales Tax Forum 7PM Nov 1 at the Blandin Foundation

Pokegama Golf Course Park Swimming Beach, paid by tax payers “for the children”. Now the city wants more money.
Parking lot for Pokegama Golf Course Swimming Beach










Grand Regional Voices is presenting a citizens informational forum on the Proposed “City of Grand Rapids Sales Tax” to be decided by the voting residents of Grand Rapids on November 6th.
A presentation by the Grand Regional Voices Organization and a question and answer session about the “Sales Tax” will be held at the Blandin Foundation On November 1st at 7:00 PM. This event is not sanctioned by the City of Grand Rapids.
The public is invited.

2 thoughts on “City Sales Tax Forum 7PM Nov 1 at the Blandin Foundation

  1. Tina

    Just going to shop online and at Dollar General in Cohasset if this is the case for items other than clothes and essential food. Changing my places of services also such as haircuts oil changes etc. to out of Grand Rapids businesses ( There are several). Ordering online and shipping or picking up at store will also prevent you from paying this nonsense tax. Business are already suffering from online purchases. This will hurt the few small businesses left. If you don’t want this tax please try not to fund it in any way. I believe we are over taxed and I’m personally feed up with the BS.


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