Vote No on both Issues on the School Referendum

Grand Regional Voices does, always has and always will fully support the best possible education for our children with quality teachers, excellent curricula in the best facilities this community can afford. While we fully support our children and their education, we cannot support the Bond Issue presented by ISD 318. Looking at it’s entirety, we see the development of this project was flawed from its inception. The entire project, including design, construction, project management, etc., has been driven by vendors, primarily FJJ and not the needs of our children and the District as a whole at a cost that the community cannot afford.

13 thoughts on “Vote No on both Issues on the School Referendum

  1. Informed Taxpayer

    The Taxpayer Alliance had a good video clip up on Easter called the same song and Dance filled with good facts.
    New schools don’t make smarter kids.
    Hibbing kids have better test scores and a school over 100 years old!
    My thoughts:
    You don’t hear the Greenway high schoolers whining about an old building.
    They take pride in it.
    Why should we turn southwest into a preK.
    How about if we need another elementary school make it small and rural, why bus all those kids into GR!
    Why do you think these bonds loose rural votes?
    Because you took away Warba Elementary and Balsam, tear down Riverview and ask for more $.
    Those families were happy with the old schools!
    Warba School is sound and a charter school now with increasing numbers.
    There are more and more homeschoolers.2 new Christian schools in the area.
    St Joes has a waiting list for Kindergarten last I heard.
    More kids are choosing public online.
    So many reasons to Vote NO!


    1. Family on a Tight Budget

      And the fact that we are so overtaxed here already. The local government is sucking more and more money out of us and there is a huge shortage of decent jobs!
      More taxes only puts strain on the family!
      Kids don’t need more money for sports! How about investing in families? Not oppressing them more in this already financially strained time! This area isn’t doing great. Focus on improving the quality of life for families or they may keep moving away! Then you will have empty schools


  2. Robert Ward

    Why do project managers push these projects so hard, perhaps it’s because its worth many, many millions to them. Why don’t they give you a maximum cost for their services alone, one number? I can tell you why, they could never sell the project!


    1. Heather

      Does anyone know if their numbers include homeschooled kids or kids who live in the district but do not attend 318?

      And how many are preK kids?

      Read some Finnish studies on PreK!
      Very interesting.


  3. Its unfortunate that the 318 has been so biased in the presentation of public information regarding the school bond issue. As a public funded organization you would think their material would have been pure as the driven snow.


    1. Upset Resident

      And they waste our $ on vote yes mailings,
      Force us to pay for their special election.
      Wake up people
      We needa different school board


      1. Heather

        Apparently they didn’t mail out ballots to the unorganized townships?
        Is that true?
        No mail in ballots?
        Is that legal?
        And at the District’s request?
        Is that rigging an election in ones favor?
        So rural people may miss voting?!


    2. NO VOTE

      Here is a question.
      Is the public happy with the job district 318 is doing educating our children?
      Or do we feel like it has become indoctrinating our kids with a socialistic belief system contrary to our Republic government system ?
      It has become so consumed with promoting diversity it lacks teaching our kids the difference of right and wrong.
      I don’t want to support brainwashing the next generation so I will vote NO to any school bond. I don’t want to see any more socialist schools here. Its not in the best intrest of the children.


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