Property Tax Statements of Mayoral Candidate Rob Ward

In a recent statement made by Mayor Adams ( with consent of the council) Adams professed, “Your City property taxes have not risen in the last three years unless your property value also rose.” Was this a deliberate effort to spin the information in the flier? The statement on our political flier said, “In the last ten years, not three, your property taxes have doubled” ( see flier copy below) . Again, Mayor Adams you are clearly out of touch with the issues effecting your constituency.

To add strength to our position, as promised in the Grand Rapids Herald 11/2/2016 opinion edition, I am posting both my tax statements from 2007 and 2016 on my own home. Clearly the City taxes have more than doubled as the property value went down.

We are also adding 2013 and 2014 tax documentation showing that in these years, the same property also saw a decrease in actual value. During that period, the City portion of the tax continued to rise. For a sitting Mayor and Council to not be aware of the numbers may be acceptable, but to be indignant after being made aware of the material, is irresponsible

As promised 2016 Property Tax Statement. 2007 will be below it.


As promised 2007 Property tax statement.robs-2007-property-tax-statement

We also promised the 2013 & 2014 tax statements as a response to Adams statement of no increases in the last three years. All of this is of course is a sideshow to the fact that Grand Rapids is rated 3rd most expensive city government, of cities over 2500 people per capita, in the State of Minnesota as shown on the Minnesota State Auditor’s website latest comparison tools.
It is time for New Leadership, New Voice, New Direction.










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