Question of the Week: Why does poverty seem to be the area’s growth industry?

broke monopoly manAre we importing poverty for the industries that benefit from it?

Why does it appear we are developing more and more social programs? Are the social service agencies driving their own growth? There is no doubt these agencies and nonprofits contain some of the highest compensated jobs in the area. Are we in danger of these groups driving their own growth for monetary reasons?  These are the questions that give rise to the real question:  “Is poverty the area’s new growth industry?”

The public is invited to comment.

3 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Why does poverty seem to be the area’s growth industry?

  1. Joe

    This site gets viewed by many people who are in these agencies. What is interesting is how quiet these groups are regarding this question. It’s almost like they are covering their eyes and hoping they don’t get seen, interesting.


  2. tuffy

    Good question! You really don’t think people would be using people who are having a run of bad luck but when you look at all of the “volunteer groups” , “non-profits”, and businesses that do profit on the people in poverty. Imagine for a minute if we where to take all of the dollars from these organizations and develop a way to provide daily housing and food, using existing local motels and restaurant! I believe we could get churches to run this program. Does anyone know the salaries for these agencies staff? When you look at all of the subsidized housing and ask who is profiting from these ventures and where is everyone coming from?


    1. Ma Bear

      Yup tuffy
      We could get churches to do this stuff
      & people to help out would be great.
      How about teaching our Youth to help thier neighbors instead of simply entertaining them with extracurricular activities!
      Like storm cleanup… summer or winter?
      Using local places is what we need to do.
      Helping locals & not drawing people here who are wanting a handout from the current struggling population.


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