Question of the Week: What is the need for building permits?

money bags

Does the “red tape” of city building permits add value to properties within the city or does it just line to coffers of the city?

4 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What is the need for building permits?

  1. Heather

    So pretty much all it does is discourage people from moving into Grand Rapids…unless you get low income housing.
    Do they have to pay all those building permits when they keep building low income housing?
    Or only the people trying to build their own homes?


  2. Joe the plummer

    With a state building code in place and all contractors mandated to be licensed with the state any liability for poor construction, outside the code, would become the obligation of the contractor for not complying with the state building code. The local building inspector is most certainly not going to walk into court on your behalf and assist you in your legal complaint. I was informed on a local residential re-roofing project the inspector stated they don’t even get on the roof! So what do they inspect besides the fee. With property values and taxable tax base falling almost 20% in the city, people flee to other areas while their property still has some value.Meanwhile. Mr. Magoo and the rest of the city council make sure the flowers get watered. Look at the numbers for the last eight years, falling tax base, lower average income, more and more expensive city administration budget (Number 3 highest in the state of Minnesota) homes and businesses for sale and you dopes wonder where the problem is? These folks running the city are way smarter than the residents because they managed to pick your pockets while you enjoy your new solar panel at the library. You want to see the biggest sucker in the world, look in the mirror, and then vote them in again.


  3. Tuffy

    I with Heather! I built a house in 2004 and it cost me $3000+ and then I had to apply for a variance of $700 because I wanted 2 garages so store my stuff! If you have a desire to have more than 1500 Sq Ft you need a variance even thought we had a 1 acre lot!
    I was told in 2005 they where looking at lifting this 1500 Sq Ft limitation on large lots, well it is 2016 and they haven’t lifted it yet! I built a house in Cohasset in 2014 and it cost me $164.00.
    What do we get for this expensive building permit?


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