Question of the Week: Do you know the filing dates for candidates running for state, county and municipal offices?


The following is taken from the Minnesota Secretary of State web site.

2016 Filing Dates

Summary of 2016 Filing Dates
Filing Period Applicable Offices Filing Opens Filing Closes Withdrawal Deadline
Early Filing Period
  • Federal Offices
  • State Offices
  • Judicial Offices
  • County Offices
  • If primary is possible:
    • City Offices
    • School District Offices
5/17/16 5/31/16 6/2/16
Late Filing Period
  • If primary is not possible:
    • City Offices
    • School District Offices
  • Township Offices with November elections
8/2/16 8/16/16 8/18/16
Township Filing Period
  • Township Offices with March elections
12/29/15 1/12/16 1/14/16

Question of the Week: Does ICTV influence local politics and elections?

Itasca Community Television (ICTV) is a Governmental Access provider to the City of Grand Rapids.

From ICTV’s website : “At minimum, each candidate for local, regional, state or federal office representing a community in the ICTV viewing area will receive air time to discuss his or her position. These appearances will be arranged with the operations manager and shall occur no later than the Friday, three weeks prior to the election.

ICTV retains the right to schedule, record and air forums and discussions, as applicable on any issues of ballot.  These may or may not include incumbent officers or individuals seeking office.”

Does this rule allow ICTV to determine when and if candidates and issues receive airtime?  If this is true then doesn’t also mean that ICTV may promote or bury issues for airing as the operations manager and ICTV Management sees fit?