Question(s) of the Week: Read On

Questions to Ponder for the “Grand Gathering”.

1. Is the process to pick a city or county administrator flawed by vendor input and sponsorships to the League of Minnesota Cities or Association of Minnesota Counties?

2. Should the County and Blandin Foundation stop funding the IEDC? Are they aware of any influence pedaling to other sponsors? Has IEDC improved the economics of the area?

3. Should the County of Itasca put the choice of Elected Executive on the ballot as the form of County government?

4. With the highest unemployment in the state and the lowest average wage has the Blandin Foundation been a detriment to the area?

Question of the Week: Has the change to a County Administrator form of government been an improvement for Itasca County?

Thinking CapMinnesota statute 375A.01, subd 1 allows counties to adopt one or more optional forms of government.  Any of the options may be adopted or abandoned by following the procedures set forth in sections 375A.01 to 375A.13.  Minnesota Statute 375.01, subd 2 defines 5 optional forms of county government, one of which is a County Administrator.

Prior to the change to a County Administrator form of government, the county operated with a County Coordinator form of government.  The difference between a Coordinator and Administrator form of county government is the level of authority retained by the County Board.   With a Coordinator form, the Board retains both legislative and administrative authority.  With an Administrator form, the County Board transfers most of its  administrative power and responsibility to the Administrator with the exception of elected officials, County Attorney, Sheriff, Auditor and Treasurer.

GRV asks for your comments and opinions. Has the change to an Administrator form of government been an improvement for Itasca County?