How much is $80,000,000?

MoneyBy Grand Rapids Voice

Recently, while enjoying a cup of McDonald’s coffee with a group of friends, also recently referred by a local as the old white men’s club, I was asked how somebody even related to a number like eighty million dollars. Almost immediately as people tried to draw a comparison it became apparent that very few can comprehend such a number. To that end I spent some time the next day trying to put some meaning to the number in some form of local context.
After some thought of what might help us visualize what can be built with eighty million I went to the county parcel inquiry sight and looked for anything that might be a facility that was familiar to the public as usable as a school. In my quest I couldn’t help but think of some of the local hotels as they usually have big ballrooms also known as gymnasiums, conference room, commercial kitchen and perhaps a pool. A pool is always nice. The most likely candidate for my comparison appeared to be the most recently completed Timberlake Lodge valued for tax assessment purposes at $4,700,000. Now let me say that this is certainly a top of the line hotel property and I thank the owners for making this kind of commitment to the tax base, it is a wonderful property.
Using the county parcel inquiry measuring tool, it was relatively easy to measure the length of the property to be somewhere between 950 to 960 feet long. Now I think I have something I hope my friends can understand or at least get a vision.
Let’s say we lined up these hotel properties valued at $4,700,000 end to end using the land footprint of 960’ long, how far south could we go if we were to spend $80,000,000? The simple math calculation tells us at that price we could build 17 of these beautiful hotels with 960 feet of land under each and it would reach continuously from the existing hotel to beyond the Harris Town Road.
Now of course we don’t need 17 pools with water slides or 17 gymnasiums but are you getting an idea of what 80 million dollars might look like?

3 thoughts on “How much is $80,000,000?

  1. Your wrong

    if u could build the timber lake for $4.7million you would be in the hotel business because that’s about half of what that building would cost to build.


    1. Even if it were to cost two times $4.7 million, or $9.4 million you could still build 8.5 Timberlake Lodges. If each property were lined up end to end from the present site southward, the last lodge would be located south of the former Hollywood Pizza Restaurant.


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