Cohasset Annexation


Recently the city officials of the City of Cohasset have chosen to delve into the possibility of annexation of the area known as unorganized _54-26__________ Sugar Lake Twsp. With this possibility we at Grand Rapids Voice would like to start the dialogue with some conversation starter questions. First let’s start with questions based around the power point presentation sent to us by the City Administrator Max Peters you can view in the link below.  Also below you will find the Minnesota State Auditors comparison numbers for the City of Grand Rapids for the years 2003 and 2013 the ten year period encompassing their annexation of the entire Grand Rapids Township. We believe a number of important flags may be raised by the study of these documents as to what can be expected if this annexation should occur.

  1. Why is Cohasset raising the question of what would happen if 54-26 gets annexed by Grand Rapids instead of Cohasset when the area appears to not adjoin Grand Rapids at any point.

Grand Rapids has no wish to annex 54-26 and would have to annex Harris Twsp. first just to be connected so is this a real or fabricated threat?

  1. By Cohasset’s presentation it appears Grand Rapids residents pay huge taxes compared to Cohasset but was this caused by the annexation they started in 2003? (See State Auditor Chart below)
  2. The annexation would by law trigger a new City wide Comprehensive Plan. Would this open the City to all the expenses suggested by outside vendors, engineering firms, bonding companies and planners to accommodate things like roundabouts, hiking trails, rain gardens, storm water sewer tax, transfer fees etceteras? Please look again at the charts showing Grand Rapids costs at the beginning 2003 and end 2013.
  3. Will the cost for Cohasset City operations rise sharply for those living in the existing Cohasset City boundaries as they did in Grand Rapids?
  4. Is this really the cash cow the City believes it to be when all you provide the area is fire protection funded now via county taxes?

Cohasset 54-26 Unorganized Township

City Financial Data Search and Comparison

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