Need a Job?

Do you need a job, or know someone who does? Are you unhappy with the job our elected officials are doing? Some of their jobs will be up for grabs this year, all you have to do is file as a candidate and get enough votes. Do you think that you can do their jobs better than they can? Let us know and we’ll help you get started. Here is a list of the opportunities in Itasca County and the City of Grand Rapids:

  • County Commissioner District 1. Salary $33,823.14.
  • County Commissioner District 3. Salary $33,823.14.
  • County Commissioner District 5. Salary $33,823.14.
  • County Attorney. Salary $108,712.54.
  • County Auditor/Treasurer. Salary $109,005.08.
  • County Recorder. Salary $68,876.01.
  • County Sheriff. Salary $101,479.19.
  • Judge.
  • Soil and Water Commissioner District 4.
  • Soil and Water Commissioner District 5.
  • Grand Rapids Mayor. Salary $800/month.
  • Two positions on the Grand Rapids city council. Salary $600/month.

Do you feel confidant that you could be successful at one of these jobs? Do you think that our local governments need to change? Do you disagree with any of our current policies and think there is a better way? Let us know and we’ll help you through the filing process.

Either go to our contact us page and send us a message there, or e-mail me directly at

Thank You.

Mike Vroman.

One thought on “Need a Job?

  1. jeward

    It is also important to note many of these positions carry other benefits like health and welfare benefits. These jobs are some of the best paying per hour spent on the planet. Really how qualified are the present office holders or were they just the latest prom queen personality.


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