Who Cares About Liberty?

Minnesotans have long prided their state as being among the best to live in regarding things such as quality of life, world class health care, and some of the best outdoor activities around, but what about Liberty?

Here are samples of what some other states are doing:

  • Missouri. A bill is in the works to make it a felony to enforce any federal gun laws.
  • Maryland. A bill has been introduced to cut off material support to the Maryland NSA center.
  • New Hampshire. Two bills are being considered to protect the people from surveillance.
  • Idaho. The state Senate has unanimously voted to ban enforcement of federal gun laws.
  • Wisconsin. Their Senate has voted to restrict the use of drones.
  • Tennessee. There is a bill to nullify the federal hemp ban, and there is also an effort to cut off material support from the Tennessee NSA facility.
  • Kentucky. The state Senate voted to nullify Agenda 21.
  • Alaska. Two anti-NSA spying bills are being considered.
  • California. They are also considering an anti-NSA spying bill.
  • Oklahoma. They have a firearms freedom act, and they are considering an bill opposing NSA spying.
  • Arizona. Arizona has a 4th Amendment Protection Act and they are considering an NDAA nullification bill.
  • Washington. They are working on an anti-drone bill and a bill to nullify the federal hemp ban.
  • Utah. They also have a 4th Amendment Protection Act, and are trying to cut off material support to the giant NSA facility in their state.

All of these states, and more, have in common the fact that in their legislatures there are some elected representatives who are willing to fight great odds to help secure and maintain the freedom of the people in their states. They care about Liberty.

What about Minnesota? The only bill I have heard of so far which falls loosely into the above set is one which has been proposed to allow the use of medical marijuana. The reason I say it only loosely falls into the set of bills and laws above is that it will not receive any significant opposition, but will still likely garner a large number of votes for the author at the next election.

If the stories in the main stream press are to be any indication, the big focus of the Minnesota legislature will be on the huge bonding bill, with which they can borrow more money to continue their spending programs, and tax increases, including a proposed wholesale tax on gasoline. According to a story from WCCO state Senator Scott Dibbs and state Rep. Frank Hornstein have both indicated that they will introduce bills to authorize this wholesale gasoline tax.

Why are other states trying so hard to protect the freedoms of their people, but our representatives here are seemingly focused mostly on continuing the status quo of taxing and spending?

Who cares about Liberty?

Mike Vroman.

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