Crowdfunding and Being Neighborly.

Here is a story from earlier this week which tells of an injured person receiving a house built largely through donations. It is a good example of what we can do for each other when we have the opportunity.

Crowdfunding May Help Complete House for South St. Paul Man Injured in Hit-and-Run | KSTP TV – Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Thinking about this for a few days while I was deciding how best to post this story, I remembered stories I heard a couple of years ago right after the summer storms which did so much wind damage in our area, with neighborhoods in and around Grand Rapids being especially hard hit.

I decided not to repeat any of the stories myself, as there were so many instances of neighbors coming together and helping one another out, that by telling some stories and leaving others out I feel as if I would be doing a disservice to the ones I failed to mention.

Who has stories that they would like to tell? Not only of this incident, but of any instance of people helping one another?

Mike Vroman.

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