Who is the IEDC?

For those not familiar with the Itasca Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) let’s start with an introduction to the Board of Directors.

Chairman Brian Rauzi, the Director of Support Services at Bigfork Valley Hospital.

Vice Chairman Mike Youso, the CEO of Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital.

Treasurer Wayne Bruns, VP Business Banking, Grand Rapids State Bank.

Mark Glasnapp, Newmark Enterprises.

Rusty Eichorn, Itasca County Commissioner.

Mary Ives, Owner, Timberlake Lodge.

Matt Lehtinen, President and COO of Magnetation.

Rob Mattei, Community Development Director for the City of Grand Rapids.

Barb McDonald, Provost, ICC.

Max Peters, Investment Advisor, Velouria Capital Management, LLC.

Bud Stone, President of Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

Diane Weber, consultant.

IEDC has as part of its goal to improve our economy, and receives to this end public (taxpayer) money from the county. For this reason, the IEDC should be accountable to us, as we allow them to spend money for us. What kind of job have they done with our money? Is our local economy better or worse than it was just a few years ago? You be the judge. More on this later.

Mike Vroman.

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