What Will a Fairgrounds Roundabout Cost the Neighbors?

I was just reading through the city ordinances trying to answer that question. Click here for a link to the entire pdf referring to special assessments.

It’s rather lengthy, so I excerpted section 1.



The highlighted portions above should be of significant concern to the nearby residents. Any property benefited by the improvement can be assessed for a share of the cost of the improvement. Further, any property benefited by the improvement but not initially assessed can be assessed in the future to reimburse the city for the expense of the project and the future maintenance of the project. I wonder if the neighbors of the proposed roundabout realize that they might eventually have to foot the entire bill?

It was suggested to me that the city be asked to reveal its plans for assessments in regard to this project, which they should do for the sake of transparency before the project is underway, but does that address the clause allowing the city to place future assessments to reimburse costs of construction or of eventual maintenance?

These questions should be asked, not only of this project, but of all projects, and asked especially by the neighbors to the project who may find their assessments going up dramatically.

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