Time for some R&D.

We advertise ourselves frequently as non-partisan, and that is what we are, but what does that mean? Does it mean that we are a bunch of apolitical people who are against all politics? No, what we are is a group of people who come from all kinds of different political backgrounds, but have joined together to work side by side for the benefit of us all. Some of us are members of a political party, some are not. Some of us have changed our minds at least once over time. We all seem to share one trait, though. We are ready to admit that both sides of a debate have some valid points, and both sides are subject to being wrong in some areas. We are open minded enough to discuss our differences with each other in order to find the best answers. We have also found that no matter the disagreement, we generally agree on more than we disagree on.

This is true of most topics. I suspect that most of us agree on far more topics than we disagree on. If we just set aside what we can not come to an agreement on, and focus on fixing the problems on which we can all agree, we can make a real difference.

There are some major differences between the two big parties, the Republican and the Democrat, but we should be able to admit that they can both be right on some topics, just as they can both be wrong. Even so, many will support one over the other based on the name, without looking at their actual proposals or their eventual consequences. We should be able to look past the name and evaluate the actions on their own merits.

Where do you fit in? I suspect that the very fact of you reading this means that you are a person who is open minded enough to hear both sides out and make your own decision based on the information presented, and also willing to search for information on your own to help you decide. Is that why you are here?

We care not which party a person is affiliated with, if any, but we do need open minded people like you, who are ready to discuss our situation and ask the important questions, to come on board and help us. We don’t require much, just your comments and questions are very valuable to us. If you would like to do more, come on in to one of our meetings and check us out.

We don’t take party sides. We look at the issues from all sides. We would like you to help. No party bickering, just good, honest, evaluation of the topics. If this is your style, come on in. Our next meeting will be posted under the “events” tab.

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