Is it Right for the State to Force us to Install Sprinklers?

I just stumbled across a petition on Facebook to ask that Gov. Dayton not approve changes to the building code requiring us to have sprinklers in many new single family homes. First, here is a link to a story from KSTP:

According to KSTP, the Minnesota legislature twice passed bills to prevent Minnesota from mandating these sprinklers. Both times Gov. Dayton vetoed the bills. This article also indicates that these sprinklers will add between $9000 and $13000 to the price of a new home. Apparently, our legislature didn’t think that it was the State’s prerogative to force us to pay for this controversial installation, but our Governor disagreed.

Now here is a link for some frequently asked question. One of the answers cites a 2011 poll in which 87% of Minnesotans did not want this mandate:

What do you think of this?

Is it acceptable for the state to require that we buy and install these sprinklers whether we want them or not?

Do you think that it should be up to you which safety equipment you buy?

Will the added expense hurt the still fragile real estate market, and by extension the economy as a whole?

If 87% of those polled opposed this, and the elected legislature twice passed laws to forbid this mandate, why does Gov. Dayton appear to be bucking popular consensus?

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