Do You Trust Itasca County? Part Two.

We’re going to continue on with the same table which we looked at in yesterday’s article (  As you look at it again, you’ll see that I put arrows on some lines which I will refer to below.

On the line with the first red arrow, we see that the net tax levy fir Itasca County was $625.68 per capita, or 10.2% higher than Crow Wing County’s $567.82 per capita.

On the next red line, under revenue, we find that the tax for Itasca County was $623.33, or 10.0% higher than that of Crow Wing, which was $566.75.

Going down to special assessments, we read that Itasca County’s number here was $26.65, or an impressive 180.2% higher than what Crow Wing came in with, $9.51. This is even more notable because it is one of the taxes assessed on businesses which they are forced to include in their overhead.

Next we go down to charges for services. Here, Itasca County was $5,076,029, 5.2% higher than the $4,825,317 of Crow Wing County, even though Crow Wing’s population listed on the top of the table is 39.3% more than Itasca’s. This is also a tax which weighs heavily not only on individuals, but on businesses.

The last red arrow, and perhaps the most telling, points to the fact that Itasca County borrowed $7,555,963, while Crow Wing’s number in this category is…

To finish up, the blue arrow points to the only area in which Crow Wing appears to be significantly worse than Itasca, licenses and permits. which only accounts for about 3% of the total revenue, anyway. The green arrow indicates interest earnings, which may seem to favor Itasca County, but that is not necessarily the case. We will come beck to the interest earnings as a subject of another discussion later.

Now in two days, we have seen the spending discrepancies as well as the taxing discrepancies between these two counties. Do you believe that with the extra taxing and spending Itasca County has put itself in a better position than Crow Wing, or is Crow Wing actually spending money much more efficiently than we are, resulting in their taxes being lower due to their seemingly wiser spending policies?

One thought on “Do You Trust Itasca County? Part Two.

  1. robert ward

    It would be interesting to know the unemployment rates, total number of nonprofits listed at, nonprofit, the crime rate numbers, and if possible the average or median household income of the adjoining counties of Itasca and Crow Wing.


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