Do you trust Itasca County to spend without answering to you?

Below is a comparison table from the State Auditor’s site( showing some fiscal differences from the most recent year they have on record. There is a lot to see here, so I highlighted the area we will start with today, and continue with more later.
The first highlighted area is the population. Itasca County had a population of 45,034, while Crow Wing County had a population of 62,745, or 39.3% more than Itasca County.

On the last line of the table we find that Itasca County spent $88,472,420, or $1964.57 per person. The same year, Crow Wing County spent $65,518,725, or only $1044.21 per person.

Itasca County spent $22,953,695 more than Crow Wing, which is 35% more. That was $920.36 per person.

Looking at only the per capita numbers, we find that Itasca County spent 88.1% more per person than did Crow Wing County.

Has this spending made our county that much better than Crow Wing? Are we getting our money’s worth?

Can we continue to afford to spend 88.1% more per person?

Let’s start asking these questions.

Please take some time to go through the rest of this comparison table, and feel free to ask questions in the comments. We will be returning to this to explore some more of these numbers.

3 thoughts on “Do you trust Itasca County to spend without answering to you?

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  2. robert ward

    Another important thing to note as I look at the graph above is the only substantial drop in spending took place while Karen Burthwick and Lori Dowling were in office as county commissioners. I also know the political forces working against them in the re-election by internal department heads and their involvement in the process was unprecidented. It’s also interesting to note we operated without a county administrator during this period. Is there a chance there is just to much money involved and it has contaminated the process?


  3. robert ward

    Another interesting number is Crow Wings or largely Brainerd Baxter is almost 100% larger in tax base and property values generating tax base. It appears they have a growing tax base while Itasca’s is shrinking. So what is the answer more spending less spending, more nonprofits, more low income housing, downsize government, increase government? It’s time for Itasca County folks to understand yes your taxes are rising but more costly to you is the drop in your actual property values. Your home is worth less and it’s most likely not coming back anytime soon with the cost of government being this high compared to all neighboring counties and cities.


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