Property taxes in Grand Rapids.

Since yesterday I have been reading and re-reading the following article from the Herald Review.

Residents question property tax increase – Grand Rapids Herald-Review: News.

This subject needs far more attention than it has been given.

There are two comments which stand out above the rest of the article.

First, someone made the statement that this tax is regressive in that it increases more for lower incomes than for higher ones. If this is, as alleged, true across a wide spectrum, how can it be justified?

Second, a person whose home had apparently recently annexed into the city claimed that their taxes had increased nearly 300%, while service had not improved. I recently talked to someone else I knew who had the same complaint. Recently annexed into the city, they saw their taxes increase more than 300% with no increase in service.

Is the city targeting people of lesser means and who do not have as much of an ability to resist the increases?

Is the city annexing property, not for the betterment of the community, but to simply raise revenue at the expense of those who had originally chosen to live outside of the city limits, many for that very reason?

Spread these questions around, let’s get others to comment on their experiences with the city property tax structure.

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