2011 Taxes and Spending for Grand Rapids, Minnesota

For Documentation of the information, please refer to the following site:http://www.osa.state.mn.us/Search/CitySearch.aspx

Reviewing the rates of taxes and spending for the year of 2011 for the City of Grand Rapids, a disturbing fact is blatantly obvious: Comparing the rates of Grand Rapids to the rates of 226 cities of similar size in the State of Minnesota, Grand Rapids consistently ranks far too close to the top.

Please take a few minutes to consider the following examples:

The per capita property taxes for the city were $544.82, ranked 27th out of the 226 cities.

Charges for services were $222.05 per capita, ranked 11th out of 225.

Spending on libraries was $71.11 per capita, ranked 5th out of 112.

Capital Outlay for streets and highways was $680.46 per capita, ranked 7th out of 217.

Total expenditures for 2011 were $23,152,838 in total, or $2128.21 per person! This ranked 10th place out of 226 cities of similar size, including such cities as Edina, Bloomington, and Duluth.

Based on these facts, we must ask ourselves some hard questions.

Can we continue to spend at a level comparable to large and wealthy cities? There are only nine cities of comparable size in Minnesota which spent more than Grand Rapids in 2011.

With approximately 10% unemployment in our area, how long can we realistically expect to continue taxing at such a high rate ($2128.21 per person) until we completely destroy our local economy?

With all of this spending, do you feel as if you are really getting your money’s worth?

Is the tax and spend attitude of our local government the reason that Grand Rapids, once the crown jewel of Northern Minnesota, is now at the center of one of the most depressed areas in the State?

You can find much more information by following the link with which I started, and I ask you to please go there and research the facts for yourself. If you come to the same conclusion as I have, that we need to restore fiscal responsibility to our community, then please share this information with your friends and neighbors.

Mike Vroman

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