District Five Scores Zeros for the Residents.

District 5 Scores Zeros for the Residents

The results are in for the 2013 legislative session and they don’t look good for the voters of Minnesota Senate District 5. This district encompasses parts of Beltrami, Cass and Itasca counties including the towns of Bemidji, Walker and Grand Rapids. In 2012 the voters of District 5 elected Tom Saxhaug as their state senator plus John Persell and Tom Anzelc as their house representatives. So how are they doing so far?

Two organizations that follow the legislative sessions closely are Americans for Prosperity Minnesota and the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. They closely watch key legislation introduced and keep track of how our legislators vote. They want to make sure our elected officials are doing what’s right for the taxpayers of this state. The scores range from zero to 100% with the highest numbers showing who is looking out for our pocketbooks.

Living in District 5, I was curious how Saxhaug, Persell and Anzelc scored and the results are shocking. All three were given zero scores by both organizations. That’s zero, zilch, nada, nothing! They all consistently voted against the best interests of the people they represent on all of the key legislation. That’s quite an accomplishment. Not one vote to promote the prosperity of the taxpayers in their district. What a disgrace.

The voters of District 5 have every reason to wonder who these guys are representing in St. Paul. Their voting records show that they certainly don’t care how much taxes we pay or whether we live in a state that promotes economic prosperity for the citizens.

As residents we should hold our elected officials accountable. What excuse do they have for such a dismal voting record? If Persell and Anzelc run for reelection, their names will be on the ballots in 2014. Will the voters of District 5 give them the votes to reflect the zeros they voted for last session? We certainly deserve better.

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                                                                                                                                      Jan Schultz

One thought on “District Five Scores Zeros for the Residents.

  1. token liberal

    Well, it may be your opinion that our representatives voted against the best interests of their constituents, but of course that depends on how those interests are perceived. I don’t think we need Americans for Propserity and the Tax Payer’s League to tell us what is in our best interests. Those two organizations are well known for their extreme right wing views.


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