Taser Arrest in Itasca County

The following is actual video and audio taken from the arrest of Timothy J Salisbury on the day of July 6, 2007. The arrest was made by Itasca County Sheriff deputies A.J. Morse and Robin Johnson. The evidence although incomplete will show the Taser x26 weapon was deployed on this victim eighteen times in just over three minutes. (Actual weapon history documents and video supplied from the guns attached below).

Some issues to consider when viewing the video is the fact that the Taser supplied weapon firing record from the weapons serial number xoo-247243 deputy Morse and xoo-247261 deputy Johnson respectively don’t appear to match the video documentation.  Also note worthy, the record supplied as evidence in this case representing the unit deployed by officer Robin Johnson, (unit X00- 247261) ends abruptly at the 97th deployment of the gun. Is there more of the record here that was suppressed and held from the court case file?

The video sound appears to match witnesses statements of officer Johnson shouting to the victim, “have you had enough yet Tim,” while repeatedly pulling the trigger with Mr. Salisbury tethered to the far end of the weapon. Clearly Mr. Salisbury is on the ground in the video and of minimal or no threat to the arresting officers while the family members and a friend are screaming, “stop, he is a heart patient.”

The record here seems to show the total time Mr. Salisbury was being shocked was 82 seconds of total applied shock, (eighteen applications), over a period of just under 3 minutes.

Why was he put under arrest and what happened to the original charge?

Was this weapon being used in its proper form as recommended by the officers training?

Could the suspect have been apprehended with no application of the weapon? As a fifty six year old man in obviously poor health with a stature of 5’4 and 210lbs not resisting arrest but rather asking why he was being put under arrest and was there a warrant, is this protocol?

Did the officer Johnson loose total control of his emotions and go from making an alleged arrest to administering punishment?

Why were the officers deploying two weapons at the same time on the same victim?

How, could the officer Johnson heard shouting, “put your hands behind your back,” expect the victim to comply not knowing if the other officer, Morse was also activating his weapon as it was also deployed? By the Taser record attached below this was clearly the case.

It is important to state this action took place under Sheriff Pat Medures watch in 2007, prior to the arrival of now Sheriff, Victor Williams.

It is also important to note that officers A.J. Morse and Robin Johnson remain within the Itasca County Sheriffs Department.